The Endless Abilities Brotherhood

The Gang

The Gang

Since Endless Abilities was born all four of us have never once underestimated the magnitude this project would have. Not only once completed, but throughout the whole process we knew we would have the opportunity to touch hearts and change lives. 

For me it has been the most amazing blessing to not only have finally met three guys that I know will be by my side as brothers for the rest of my life, but who also have been inspired to help me do something that I had always dreamed of; changing lives.  We all developed an equal passion for this project and that is why we hit the ground running almost two years ago and never stopped to look back. Ever since I had been motivated to surf I always loved any opportunity to share with people the stories of those who inspired me to be “inspirational.” I felt that if they only knew the people who inspired me to do the things I do, they would look at me as just a normal guy doing what he loves. 

Nine years ago after my first year in a wheelchair I can remember feeling so alone. Despite tons of friends and endless family support, I was missing something.  I could deal with having to adjust to sitting on the sideline at our football games, or having to rely on others for rides to and from school, but as time went bye  I found myself in my senior year of high school with my best friend still laying in a coma from our accident. All the other kids had their one main man from childhood, their best friend, their other half, and all I  could think about was that I was now alone. My brother lay lifeless in a hospital bed and while feeling responsible for all of it I knew there  was nothing I could do for him. Despite all the fun times I had after my accident and all the adventures I had with my friends, I never thought that looming feeling of loss would ever elude me.  

Shortly after Will, Tripp, Harvey and I started Endless Abilities and 7 years after my accident I received a call from my friend Charlotte who was there the night of the accident. She told me, after seven years of a lifeless state, Timmy had passed. We all finally had a chance to mourn the tragedy of our friend. I will never forget telling Timmy’s  parents that everything I do in my life will be done in part for their son. I will allow their son’s spirit to live through me and through the new brotherhood I now share with Will, Tripp, and Harvey. 

While they no longer get to touch, see or hear their son, they can know that he is apart of me and everything that we are now doing together as brothers with Endless Abilities.