Able bodied or disabled, the next generation of students has the power to create a world undivided by physical ability. 

Sports truly are a unifying force. On the road, we met a leg amputee who climbs mountains alongside able-bodied veterans, and played sled hockey with a league that permits one non-disabled player per team. Sports are leading the charge toward a level playing field for all, and we encourage students of all abilities to think of ways they can break down barriers of physical ability in their professional and social lives.

Our presentations can last anywhere from half an hour to three hours. We mix up our time on stage with workshops, clips from the film, personal anecdotes, and news from the front of the disability civil rights movement. Our recent presentations include Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, University of Rhode Island, Stonehill College, Phillips Andover Academy, Concord Academy, and Holderness Academy. 

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