A film is only as powerful as the audience it reaches. Our film is for all audiences, both "disabled" and "able-bodied," as change in social understanding of disability must come from all of us. From the beginning, our mission has been to integrate this film into the rehabilitation processes at hospitals and curriculum at schools.  We believe Endless Abilities can help us understand each other, regardless of physical ability, by raising questions often unasked in daily life. 

During post-production, we continue to speak on behalf of the film at private events, corporate seminars, and academic workshops. A short list of previous outreach engagements includes the Igniting Innovation Summit at Harvard, Southern New England Rehabilitation Conference, PARI Independent Living Center Conference, and the Annual Conference for the National Association for Medicaid in Education, and at Craig Hospital in Denver. We are always honored and humbled when given the chance to reach audiences beyond using the film itself.