Erin Elliott


Here's my report:

First of all, as a captain, I was enthusastic to figure out how to network and make this whole thing happen, without involving you.  So first and foremost, a detailed HOW TO LAUNCH A SUCCESSFUL SCREENING would be awesome.  Suggestions for networking---even simple things like what to do WK 1, WK 2....etc. How to reach out to "influencers", How to get posters, if available, And once you have "tipped", what to do then to gather as many folks as possible for the screening.  And also important information like what "tipping" means, how that translates to information that can be made available to the CAPTAIN in advance of the screening---vs once the screening has "tipped"

Second-GATHR should provide the Captain the name, when available, of the point person at the site.  And helpful details.  Like parking access/cost of parking, And in our case, how  many handicapped accessible seats available. Restaurants in the area, Transportation options.....whatever that can help folks--many of whom come quite a distance---be more comfortable about committing to attending.

Third-GATHR should provide access to names of folks that have purchased tickets and contact info. That way, the CAPTN can reach out to further network with those that are attending.  And be able to send out a personal email, if desired, to everyone attending the night before to see if they can bring any folks at the last minute.

Fourth-GATHR was only modestly responsive to my questions.  It always took at least 24 hrs to get an answer to even the simplest question.  It would have been helpful to have a HOTLINE.

Finally, it would be wonderful, once the screening has happened, for CAPTN's to have the option to help support other screenings in the area.  If some people couldn't attend my screening for whatever reason, it would have been helpful to have the details of screenings in the area that I could refer them to---or at least provide the Captn of the local screening their contact info so they could get an invitation.

DSUSA Screening Notes

by Rob Mueller and Carlie Cook

Things to consider adding to the screening process: 

Ask if special considerations are needed to enjoy the film when reserving a ticket (i.e. accessible seating, subtitles) 

A general flyer template that people can use to promote their screening by just plugging in the date and location of their screening

How to set up a screening: 

Request a screening at your local theater by going to the Gathr website

Follow the steps to set up a screening 

Gathr will provide you with a screening page 

Share the screening page and promote the film to your network to have people reserve tickets in advance

Enjoy Endless Abilities on the big screen

How a Gathr Screening Works:

A minimum number of people must reserve tickets from the screening page before the screening request expires 

If the minimum number of reservations is not met, the screening does not take place and nobody will be charged

Suggestions to help your screening tip:

Contact local rehabilitation hospitals and clinics 

The film is a great way to educate therapists as well as people who have been recently injured

These types of groups typically are very interested and have a large network to promote the screening to

Contact local sports teams, Girl Scout/ Boy Scout Troops and other clubs

Attending a screening is a fun and educational group activity or outing

Attending a screening could be a way for a troop to earn one of their badges 

This is a great way to get a large group of people to RSVP 

Contact local celebrities and politicians 

If you get these people on board they have a large network of people and social media followers that they can have an impact on getting people to RSVP

Even better if you can get them to personally attend the screening 

Make a Facebook Event 

Use other forms of social media 

Consider contacting local media 

It could be a cool event for them to cover as well as a great way to promote the screening 

Share with all of your personal friends and family

Be sure to emphasize that the screening will not be shown if people do not reserve their ticket by the deadline