We're Back

Folks! it has been a long time since Endless Abilities has been in the lime light, but we are back and ready for a summer as exciting as when we embarked on our filming tour across the country in '12.  Since last year, when our heap of digital files began to resemble a film, we have been taking every opportunity to connect with the people and spread our message of Endless Abilities.  Since the first cut last summer, Endless Abilities has come so far and will be ready for YOU, the audience, this summer.

 Four years ago we had a goal to bring a short video to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, to hopefully inspire a few patients; what happened, was so much more. The "short video" became a feature length documentary, and the "few patients" became People. The "people"  we affected, and/or connected with, can not be classified by any one demographic. Endless Abilities breaks the barrier of race, gender, age, and disability, and connects with everyone to show us all that we have the ability to adapt, and the ability to live. 

So get STOKED!! and stay tuned for the premier date, and our out door venue in Newport for our hometown premier,  to be announced soon.