Second and Third Days

Day 2 and 3: This morning we departed Hartford, CT for Baltimore, MD where we met with Kirk Bauer. Kirk is Disabled Sports USA  director and invited us into his home to shed some light to us in regards to DSUSA. Kirk is himself an amazing individual and a perfect fit for the postition which he holds in the world of adaptive sports. DSUSA was created in 1967 by a group of like minded war vets who wanted to live and promote active athletic lives and life styles.

Our interview with Kirk ended with a tour of his hiking bag which sat to his right during the whole interview. Kirk says his bag, which is packed and ready a month before his ascent of the Mt Mckinnely, is emptied daily and repacked just so he can be reassured that all the appropriate gear is there for his attack on the United States largest mountain. Meeting with Kirk first was a great opportunity as DSUSA is the governing body of over 100 chapters of Adaptive Recreation organizations throughout the country, some of which we will be visiting. 

They say your trip becomes an adventure not until something goes wrong. That philosophy is very helpful to keep in mind when thinks break, thus it was a little easier when the lift broke on us. Luckily, despite having to blow off time with the staff at the DSUSA office, We were able to get our lift back up and running. How much you ask? free.99.