Our project began with footage of Zack Bastian, a young paraplegic surfer on the beaches of Rhode Island. With hopes of bringing the short film to rehabilitation hospitals to inspire the newly disabled, Zack and filmmakers Will, Harvey, and Tripp realized they could not stop with surfing. Piers Park in Boston soon added sailing that fall, and New England Disabled Sports taught us to mono-ski that winter. Momentum throughout New England for our project erupted, and we soon decided to take our film to the next level, with the goal of shooting a feature length documentary on a cross country road trip. And with it - an important shift in our approach: Endless Abilities became bigger than the four of us, instead a story about the amazing individuals we meet and the sports that empower them to overcome adversity. 

A. Newport, RI - Zack, Will, Harvey, and Tripp bought a mini-bus from a local church and departed on an adventure of a lifetime. 

B. Hartford, CT - Swim with Kristin Duquette, London 2012 Paralympic hopeful despite having muscular dystrophy. 

C. Washington DC - Pack hiking backpack with President of Disabled Sports USA and single leg amputee Kirk Bauer as he prepares to hike Denali, the tallest peak in North America. 

D. Baltimore, MA - Meet parents of Emily Obert, an MIT Engineering student we met at Spaulding Hospital in Boston after becoming a paraplegic. 

E. Pittsburgh, PA - Sled hockey with the Pittsburgh Penguins and extreme wheelchairing with paraplegic Jonathan Stark. 

F. St. Louis, MO - Track and field, swimming, and sled hockey with Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA). 

G. Chicago, IL - Hand cycling for paraplegics and tandem biking for the blind with Dare2Tri. Road race with Anjali Forber-Pratt, paraplegic Paralympic medalist and world record holder. 

H. Denver, CO - Outreach with top ranking rehabilitation center, Craig Hospital, and white water rafting and blind rock climbing with National Sporting Center for the Disabled.

I. Moab, UT - Hiking at the Arches National Park.

J. Salt Lake City, UT - Cross country road racing with Therapeutic Recreation and Independent Lifestyles (TRAILS)

K. Wawona, CA - Camping in Yosemite National Park.

L. Berkeley, CA - Soccer with quadriplegics with Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program (BORP). Tour of  Center for Disability Rights with activist Victor Pineda. 

M. Santa Cruz, CA - Surfing with paraplegic pro-surfer Otter Bailey and walking quadriplegic Stretch… just Stretch. No last name. 

N. San Diego, CA - Surfing with paraplegic Mark Thornton, revisiting Infinity Surf Boards and Challenged Athletes Foundation. 

O. Los Angeles, CA - Surfing with quadriplegic and head of Life Rolls On, Jesse Billauer.